Sitting Log #53 + A rant on “My business is none of your business”

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My happy good-middlemen-only state.

Fortunately, I have never been trapped by unnecessary middlemen… almost. The irrefutable exception is Bowker, but that disgrace of a dinosaur is unavoidable in the US. Because, monopoly. So I’ll forgive myself for dealing with it.

Other than that, I am happy to say that I don’t deal with a single middleman that doesn’t do something for me.

This means that other than Bowker, every single entity that either gets a flat fee or a cut from my royalties/income serves a purpose for me.

This includes all the externally-controlled stores (ex: Kobo, Apple, Scribd, library databases, etc).

This also includes the mostly-internally-controlled store (Payhip).

Also, Stripe.

The financial overhead of using these tools is $0. If I don’t make money, they don’t make money. On top of that, other than the upload of the books, the time I spend on these tools is pretty much 0 seconds.

They handle various tasks, such as:

I needed to remind myself of this, my blissful good-middlemen-only state, because sometimes there are people who suggest that I get rid of this or that middleman that doesn’t suit their rainbows-and-unicorns view of how a middleman-less world should be according to them.

And I’m like…

What, you’re going to make me give up the services that auto-deliver the files and in some cases, handle the customer service as well? You think you’re going to convince me to spend a minimum of 2 minutes per reader just to deliver the files every time? Into perpetuity? So basically you’re saying, I should want a life for myself where, the more books I sell, the more miserable I will be, because instead of writing, I will be emailing more and more files to readers?

You do realize that my recognizing the insanity of that strategy (if that can be called a strategy at all) does not preclude my valuing my readers, right? In fact, because I value my readers, I would never adopt such a strategy. Even if I had only one reader every month, you’re telling me that I should be on stand-by, ready to deliver the files! And for how long? For forever? Sacrificing my writing time?

Or are you saying that you’re so special that I should create a no-middleman-according-to-you sales route just for you? Do you realize that even if one other moron like you exists, I will be wasting a great amount of time?

Or are you going to deliver the files for me? Do you think I’ll take that as a favor? From you? Are you kidding me? My readers are important to me. Why should I trust you with my reader’s data?

Actually, don’t answer any of that. This is just me expressing my disbelief. I have zero actual interest in your answers, because you’re more of a worthless middleman than any of the above-listed services.

You’re in the way.

None of them are in the way.

Get it? You wasted 5 minutes of my precious time, which is how long I took to read your “suggestion” on how I should run MY business. You think you know better about my business than I do. Clearly you are not a writer who values their writing time as much as life itself. Clearly, you’re also not any kind of business owner, because any business owner would be pissed as fuck that some moron waltzes into their store (tangible or intantible), trying to lecture them on how to run their business.

The services that you dismiss as unnecessary middlemen aren’t unnecessary to me or to my readers. Neither are they unnecessary to other readers, writers, and publishers. In fact, they’re better than not-unnecessary. They are necessary. Even Amazon, which I don’t use right now, is better than you, the literal middleman standing in the way.

All those tools take an agreed-upon monetary cut and do something for me. But how will I earn back the 5 minutes I wasted on the “suggestion” of some cruise-by “I know better than you,” who has a grand total of zero practical experience in writing and publishing? How? NEVER is the answer, okay? NEVER.

I don’t actually say this.

I block them. And then rant here.

Some technologically-savvy people just aren’t savvy overall. They don’t realize that their tiny tech bubble isn’t the broader reading audience.

Some readers need help sideloading EPUB files onto their devices. And because they know they do, they won’t buy an ebook unless it’s through their usual retail store.

Many people, in general, will not send money directly to someone they met online. And they don’t customize their computers and buy burritos in bitcoin or whatever. A lot of readers don’t care about privacy either. They care about convenience. And some of them still don’t believe that there are people who make money online.

That’s just reality.

What isn’t realistic, and instead simply the unicorns-and-rainbows worldview of some so-called tech-savvy people, is that they can go around demanding of other people a payment route that suits their preferences but 99% of the world doesn’t use or care about.

BTW I’m not mad about just ASKING about whether you can pay in crypto or not. I have nothing against crypto. (My faith in traditional banks is pretty much nonexistent, so.) I wish I could add a crypto option more easily to all the stores.

But no. It is not possible at this time. And I’m not going to monitor a separate income stream that can’t be left on auto-pilot, crypto or otherwise. I won’t deal with the hassle of taxes. And oh, please, don’t start a lecture on how I can avoid the hassle of taxes. If I need tax advice, I’ll hire someone.

I guess I’m tired of the fake “helpfulness” of some of these so-called tech-savvy people. No offense, tech-savvy people in general, if you identify as such, but some tech-savvy people are just… WOW. They think because they can code, they know the world.

The fuck they do.

They really should get a life.

Anyway, my blissful good-middlemen-only state doesn’t only apply to incorporated entities. I shall remove the people middlemen, too, fiercely, from my life.

No middleman shall stand in the way between me and my writing time.

Or middlewoman. Middlepeople. Middlebeing. Whatever the latest PC term.

Ah, why do I even try to please the PC people. They are the ultimate middlefolks.

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