Instead of relying on the dinosaurs...

…who pretty much should’ve died yesterday, how can I find what to read?

Without relying on “BookToks,” for God’s sake.

Or relying on INSTAGRAM recommendations, as if there’s anything on Instagram other than bullshittery.

Or relying on Amazon’s Also Boughts, which never seem to work for me…

…and goodness, Goodreads. Oh my God, why doesn’t Goodreads die. The site is so old and clunky, it’s a marvel it still functions. It looks as ugly as Facebook! (Which I remember from, I don’t know, ten years ago.)

How do I find stuff, any stuff, without going to the dinosaurs?

The thing with dinosaurs is that they are centralized. They have a “Top blah blah” section. That’s why on those sites, it seems so obvious what is “good.” But that is exactly why I left those centralized places. Preferably, I would like to stay away from them, but when things are properly decentralized (which is beautiful), where/how do I ever find stuff?

I especially want to find sites where I can use my Coil membership. This was one of the reasons I made a account. I go to and click on the blogs with the little Coil monetization icon next to it, just so I won’t use up my membership on my own sites.

And no, I don’t want to go to Twitch.

I don’t want to go to Imgur.

I don’t watch streams and I am not sure what Imgur is for.

What I would love is to find individuals who create stuff. Musicians, artists, writers. Like, a lot of stuff from prolific people on their own web monetized sites.

I wish there were a search engine for this.

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P.S. Call me Ithaka. Everything I do is organized here.